McLaren 570S

New Car Preparation Detail with Max Protect UNC-R + Avery Gloss Metallic Grey Roof Wrap

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This beautiful McLaren 570S belongs to Performance Portfolio in Edinburgh ( We got chatting to the owners when they invited us to the launch event of this new vehicle. After a discussion we came to an agreement that we would complete a New Car Preparation Detail with our upgraded Max Protect UNC-R coating on the paintwork and Max Protect Glass Coating on the Glass. Before any coatings were applied the car was methodically cleansed and decontaminated then the paintwork was spot corrected to remove any defects, swirls and sanding marks to create the best clean surface for Max Protect UNC-R coating.

As you can see we have also wrapped the roof in Avery Dennison Gloss Metallic Grey to match all the other existing Gloss Metallic Grey trim. Knifeless tape was used down the sides of the roof for the safest and best finish possible.

Dripping in Carbon and now fully protected this McLaren 570S is a real head turner and fully prepared for its life on the road.