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Aftercare is one the most essential parts of the TLC experience. After working closely with our customers to try and understand their needs and what they want for their vehicle and us achieving their desired needs, it isn’t the case of once the car is done its goodbye.

With Detailing and especially paint correction, this isn’t seen as temporary fix and that the swirls/scratches will come back, this is permanent and if the vehicle is maintained correctly in the methods and the processes we show you these swirls and fine scratches that have been removed will not come back. With Wrapping we will show you how to maintain your freshly wrapped vehicle and preserve the finish.

Gloss wraps are like paintwork and will pick up the odd swirl/scratch if not maintained correctly. Matte wraps are a little bit different in which they will not pick up swirls/scratches through the wash procedure so maintaining these is a bit easier. If your vehicle has had a paint coating applied we will look to get it back in 6 months after application to see how it is performing and remove any contaminates which have attached themselves to the vehicle.

We always give you the option of having your first car wash on the house after you have had a paint correction or a full vehicle wrap carried out. This is to make it easier for yourself to understand how simple the processes of maintaining your vehicle can be as its quite easy to get your head mixed up with the amount of information given. We will also advised on what products and materials to buy for the future maintenance. We are always only a phone call away if you are in need of any advise on the maintenance of your vehicle.


We aim to provide a service which will leave your car not only looking better but also better protected than when a new car leaves the show room


We use the best products and materials to methodically clean and protect all aspects of the vehicle


To get an accurate quote feel free to visit us at our premises during our open hours for a free of charge evaluation