Nissan R35 GT-R

Satin Metalchrome Blue Vinyl Wrap

This customer came to us originally looking window tints, after speaking with them we got onto the subject of vinyl wrapping. The owner didn’t realise the amount of colours and finishes available, they found a blue they absolutely loved and the car was booked in for a full colour change. The colour chosen was Satin Metalchrome Blue. We were also given new carbon fibre parts to fit and new ADV1 wheels to complete the new look. The car was thoroughly cleansed, decontaminated and then stripped down removing all bumpers, door handles, wing mirrors, wings, arches, trims etc for the best possible and safest finish. Once the car was wrapped it was protected with Swissvax Opaque Wax for matte finishes. All the carbon was machined to remove swirls and then coated with Max Protect UNC-R. The windows were coated with Max Protect Glass Coating. The new wheels were coated with Max Protect V1, V2 ceramic coatings with Silk Coat Spray coating on top. This is one of our favourite cars ever to work on as the colour and parts fitted make it a truly one off. Its now been fitted with full Accuair Air Suspension.