Ferrari 458 Italia

Matte Deep Ocean Blue Vinyl Wrap

This Ferrari 458 was brought to us by the owner as they had had what they thought was a bad vinyl wrap installed and when we first inspected the car on the consultation this was very apparent. The car hadn’t had anything apart from the wing mirrors and rear lights removed from what we could see. There was bubbling, creasing, vinyl pulling back, knife marks, you name it it had it. This is why it is essential in wrapping to not just go with the cheapest price as cheapest certainly doesn’t mean best. It was agreed with the customer that we would remove the previous Satin Black wrap and rewrap it in Matte Deep Ocean Blue. When the car came in the previous vinyl was removed and more knife marks in the paint were found. The car was fully stripped down and wrapping commenced. As you can see the finish when stripping the car down is much better and essentially safer than wrapping in situ. The side skirt inserts were wrapped in Carbon Fibre  and our SPi Vision Light Tint was installed on the front and back headlights. The car was protected with Swissvax Opaque Wax designed for matte finishes.