Lamborghini Huracan

Gloss Orange Vinyl Wrap

This brand new Lamborghini Huracan was brought to us after being recommended by Lamborghini. The customer had ordered the car in white but the car was delayed so Lamborghini gave the owner an orange demo car which he loved better than the white. They went back to Lamborghini to say they had changed their mind and wanted to order it in orange but they were told if they wanted that they would have to wait around a year for one as their car was already made and on its way from Italy. This is when Lamborghini Edinburgh suggested wrapping the car and recommended us. As you can see with every car we work on no matter the age or value it is stripped apart for the best possible and safest finish. After all the car being white you don’t want to be seeing previous colour or unnecessary joins everywhere. As well as the orange wrap we wrapped the lower sections of the front bumper in gloss black to give the grills a much deeper appearance. The mirrors were also painted gloss black. As you can see from the finished photos the car looks excellent and very vibrant in its new colour.