Ferrari F-12 Berlinetta

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The owner of this Ferrari F12 was a returning customer who had previously had his Mercedes SLS detailed by us. The brief was simple with this car, we were to get the car looking as best it possibly could so our Signature Detail was chosen. The underwent a thorough deep cleanse of the paintwork, wheels, arches, engine bay, interior ad glass prior to any polishing and protection. The car then received several stages of correction work and refining to rid the any swirls and fine scratches to make the paintwork perfect. After the polishing process was finished the car was taken outside and rinsed down to remove all polish residue and dust which occurs when correction work is carried out. It was brought back inside, dried and given a final IPA to remove any polish fillers then it was coated in Max Protect UNC-R. The trim was also coated in Max Protect UNC-R. The wheels were removed and coated in Max Protect V1, V2 Ceramic coatings and Silk Coat Spray coating along with the Calipers & Hubs. The windows were coated in Max Protect Glass Coating. The engine bay plastics were coated in Max Protect UNC-R and the Interior leather in Max Protect Leather coating.